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Hi there,
I'm Jen. 

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Jen Batey specializes in travel, landscape, and food photography. With over 20 years of experience, Jen has traveled to over 35 countries capturing stunning images of people, places, and cultures. Her passion for customer experience has helped her provide impactful support to a wide variety of clients. 


What makes Jen different?

Jen is passionate about a wide variety of topics, of which photography and travel are two. With a robust background in teaching, marketing, advertising, and technology, Jen is dedicated to providing her clients with exceptional service and unique, high-quality images that tell a story. She understands the application of the images, too - whether it be to pique interest to stop someone from scrolling past an ad or to evoke emotion to bring the written word to life. When you want imagery that inspires or immediately transports you to another place or time, talk to Jen. 


Clients and Collaborations

Jen is always on the lookout for new clients and collaboration opportunities. Her unique eye for capturing the essence of travel, food, and culture has garnered her several awards and made her a sought-after photographer for editorial and commercial assignments. Reach out to talk about an idea that you might have in mind. 

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